My exploration of color began when I was a little girl.  My summer afternoons were spent by my mother's side, copying the stitches she sewed in her crewel work.  I loved watching how a single needle could elicit such wonderful loops and knots and chains as if by magic.  I knew that my mother's love of this antique art form had grown from countless hours kneeling by her mother's side, and was part of life in the small Hungarian village in which she grew up.  The stitch patterns and intricate designs felt as though they'd been handed down through the generations into my care. And I wanted my needle to create the same wondrous art. 

This foundation began my love affair with all kinds of needlework and for my appreciation of texture and shading. My passion for embroidery and needlepoint began to evolve into ever more complicated and challenging projects in which I used stitches and beading to tell a story on a canvas.  As each of my 4 children grew, I spent many hours a day adorning their rooms with lovely and colorful creations.  

Now, with my painting, I am trying to find a wonderful balance between realistic representation and a more impressionistic, somewhat imagined reality.  I am relying on my brush to capture what my needle used to convey. And still, I am fascinated by the interplay of shades with hues, of lights with darks, and of shapes playing on the canvas. 

I hope that my get in touch.

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